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In little more than a day, your bathtub or other bathroom fixture can go from scratched and stained to sparkling and looking as good as new!


The Tub Doctor reglazes and refinishes one-piece tubs, showers, and wall tiles, and also repairs and refinishes fiberglass fixtures. The results are amazing, while maintenance is the same as caring for any new tub!


Tub and fixture restoration is perfect for homeowners, remodelers, and rehabbers. We also handle commercial accounts.

Quick Reglazing and Refinishing Restores Your Tub

Ask about special non-slip surface treatments

After doing a thorough preparation, The Tub Doctor uses only the finest NAPCO products for refinishing jobs, including a high-quality top coat.


At your request we can use the materials we have at hand to install a non-slip surface, and all at no additional charge!

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Call on More Than 25 Years of Restoration Expertise!

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